Amelia Ford - The Tagan Series (Books #1-4)

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Amelia Ford - The Tagan Series (Books #1-4)

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Amelia Ford - The Tagan Series (Books #1-4)
Language: English | Format: EPUB | 2017 | Size: 1.5 MB

Tagan's Child (#1)
The day after the first anniversary of her sister’s death, twenty six year old Sophie McAllister is paid an unexpected visit from a handsome stranger who delivers some disturbing news about her eight year old nephew and ward. Just when Sophie thought her life was getting back on track she is forced to put her trust in a man with an extraordinary secret and begins a perilous journey that threatens everything she holds dear as well as challenges her innermost fears. Is love really enough?

Tagan's Change (#2)
Will Ahran, Galius and Elaya rescue Toby? Or has Sophie lost her only family as well as having given up Ahran. Tagan's Change is the second book in the fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled, love story with a twist Tagan series.

Tagan's Chase (#3)
For the past two years, Sophie has managed to forge a happy, if unconventional life with Ahran. But just as she is planning to relocate and settle permanently she is captured by British Intelligence who has an agenda quite different to the one she was expecting. What ensues is a heart-stopping chase, where Sophie, Ahran and Toby are once again faced with further challenges and unknown enemies, putting Sophie’s newly found confidence to the test. However, if Ahran’s love has taught her anything, it is that she possesses an inner strength which helps her weather everything that is thrown at them, that is until their best laid plans are turned upside down with catastrophic consequences. Is Sophie as strong as she thought or are the hurdles she now faces more than she can cope with?
This is the third instalment in The Tagan Series where Sophie finds that the thing she fearedmost, is now the only thing that gives her hope.

Tagan's Chance (#4)
Sophie returns to find that not everything is back to how it should be. She is now faced with her biggest challenge yet—She has six days to try to convince Ahran that he is in love with her, but even though she believes she has destiny on her side, the path to happiness is neither easy nor straightforward and Sophie finds herself being forced to accept a situation that is entirely out of her control. On the surface, it couldn’t be more perfect, but beneath it all, it couldn’t be more wrong.
Tagan’s Chance is the last instalment in the Tagan series and Sophie must try to draw on everything she has learned since meeting Ahran. But are some problems just too big to overcome?

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