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Brad Thor - Scot Harvath Series 1-20

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Brad Thor - Scot Harvath Series 1-20

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Brad Thor - Scot Harvath Series 1-20
Language: English | Format: epub/mobi | Size: 38.7 MB

Scot Harvath:
1. The Lions Of Lucerne (2002)
2. Path of the Assassin (2003)
3. State of the Union (2004)
4. Blowback (2005)
5. Takedown (2006)
6. The First Commandment (2007)
7. The Last Patriot (2008)
8. The Apostle (2009)
9. Foreign Influence (2010)
10. The Athena Project (2010)-
11. Full Black (2011)
12. Black List (2012)
12.5. Free Fall (2013)
13. Hidden Order (2013)
13.5. Epilogue II (2013)
14. Act of War (2014)
15. Code of Conduct (2015)
15.5. The Athens Solution (2015)
16. Foreign Agent (2016)
17. Use of Force (2017)
18. Spymaster (2018)
19. Backlash (2019)
20. Near Dark (2020)

The Lions Of Lucerne (2002)

In the tradition of bestselling authors such as Jack Higgins and Clive Cussler, a new voice in thriller writing has emerged to rival any of the masters. When the president is kidnapped during his ski holiday in Colorado, disavowed Secret Service Agent Scott Harvath is his only hope of rescue. As the FBI and CIA chase a string of dangerously false clues across the Middle East, Agent Harvath's investigation leads him to Switzerland. Throughout the picturesque towns of Bern, Interlaken and Lucerne, Harvath plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the real kidnappers, as well as rogue factions within his own government that want him terminated before he can save the president. With only the ambitious Claudia Muehler of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office to assist him, the pair are forced to go it alone as they realise the kidnapping plot reaches some of the highest levels of the Swiss Intelligence community. In a race against time, they must scale the treacherous heights of Mt. Pilatus, uncover a hidden military fortress secreted beneath its peak, and defeat the formidable force that stands between them and the safe return of the president - the deadly men known as the Lions of Lucerne.

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